A full lineup of sweets, food and crafts from Ishikawa and Kanazawa

Kuromon Koji KANAZAWA M’ZA

Kuromon Koji

Kuromon Koji

Kuromon Koji at the opposite side of Ohmicho Market is lined with select food and craft shops with an atmosphere reminiscent of the castle town of Kanazawa. You can enjoy shopping for distinctive products from Ishikawa and Hokuriku in the historic atmosphere. Please appreciate the Japanese traditions and cultures as well as various delicacies and craftsmen’s skills to your heart’s content.

Floor information

  • Hokuriku brand sweets and specialties

    Hokuriku brand sweets and specialties

    Kanazawa’s sweets culture, one of the foremost in Japan, has developed with a focus on traditional Japanese sweets in the tea ceremony setting. Their taste and visually appealing artistic qualities perfectly represent the spirit of hospitality. In Kuromon Koji, you can find original sweets for limited sale, in addition to the traditional and modernly arranged sweets of long-established stores. You can also sample freshly made sweets in the sales corner, and enjoy the charm of Japanese confectionary in Kanazawa.

    Morihachi – Warranted by the Kaga Clan
    Morihachi – Warranted by the Kaga Clan

    Since its establishment in 1625, Morihachi had provided its sweets to the Kaga Clan for over 380 years. The new main store and the Kanazawa Sweets Wooden Mold Museum have opened recently. Morihachi, one of Japan’s well-established sweets stores, continues to retain the sweets culture of Kaga.


    Established in 1934, this store is famous for its “Kintsuba”. Whenever we hear “Kintsuba”, we immediately think of this store. They are dedicated to improving the quality of bean paste. “Kintsuba” is made by wrapping bean paste in a sheet of wheat flour and baking it, and is representative of Japanese sweets.

    Rakugan Moroeya
    Rakugan Moroeya

    Established in 1849, “Hanausagi” and “Nama-rakugan” represent the sweets of Kanazawa. “Rakugan” is made by kneading rice flour and sugar, and pressing it into wooden molds. It goes well with green tea.

  • Local sake and seafood of the Hokuriku region

    Local sake and seafood of the Hokuriku region

    The Hokuriku district, with various natural blessings such as the Sea of Japan and holy Mt. Hakusan, has been named “the land of gastronomy”. There are many excellent types of sake and food, which are produced making the best use of the natural conditions. In Kuromon Koji, more than 100 kinds of local sake from over 30 breweries in Kanazawa, Kaga and Noto are available in a tranquil atmosphere, just like in a sake storehouse. You can also find a variety of snacks and appetizers that go well with sake.

    Kuromon Kakuuchi

    “Kakuuchi” means to drink sake while standing up. In the corner of “Kuromon Kakuuchi”, you can taste and compare a selection of local sake from Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui. Please experience the delicious taste produced from the natural resources of Hokuriku for yourself.

  • Gold leaf crafts of Kanazawa

    Gold leaf crafts of Kanazawa

    90% of Japanese gold leaf is produced in Kanazawa. The gold leaf products of one such producer, Hakuichi, are available here.
    From skin care products containing gold flakes and ornaments that are popular as souvenirs, to tableware and folding screens – please come and experience the beautiful world of gold leaf.

    SIZUKU small plates with gold leaf decoration
    SIZUKU small plates with gold leaf decoration

    Lovely small plates painstakingly decorated with delicate, complex patterns using real gold leaf.

    KINKA cosmetic series
    KINKA cosmetic series

    The products of this skin care series contain plant extracts and gold flakes that help improve the health of your skin, and are popular as souvenirs.

  • Traditional crafts of Ishikawa

    Traditional crafts of Ishikawa

    Ishikawa is well known as “the kingdom of crafts” in Japan. It has produced numerous traditional crafts such as Kaga Yuzen silk dyeing, Kanazawa lacquerware, and Wajima lacquerware. Kuromon Koji exhibits and sells various traditional crafts including those made by living national treasures and recipients of the Order of Cultural Merits.

  • Tea room “Kuromon”
  • Tea room “Kuromon”
  • Kuromon is a tea room where you can enjoy Maruhachi’s famous Kaga-bocha (roasted stem tea), which was offered to Emperor Showa. Please come here to relax and enjoy an atmosphere reminiscent of the good old days of Kanazawa and Japan.

Service guide

Tax Refund (Kuromon Koji information counter)

Tax may be refunded at the Kuromon Koji information desk. No fee is charged for a tax refund.
1. When purchasing merchandise, please pay the price including consumption tax. If the total before-tax amount of a purchase made in our store today is 5,000 yen or more for general merchandise, and 5,000 yen or more for expendables, you may be eligible for a consumption tax refund.
2. When you finish your shopping, please come to the refund counter.
3. If you meet the requirements below and perform the necessary procedures, you can receive a consumption tax refund.

■Required Documents
-Your passport
-Receipt for the purchase
(If you paid with your credit card, you must show the credit card issued in your name.)

Foreign Currency Exchange
(Kuromon Koji information counter)

You can exchange foreign currency here.
1. You must show your passport to exchange money.
2. We exchange foreign currency to Japanese yen only. We only accept the following four currencies: U.S. dollars, British pounds, Euro and Australian dollars.
3. You can only exchange currency once a day. Exchange is limited to 300 units of the currency.

Wi-Fi Spot

Wi-Fi is provided in Kuromon Koji. You can search for information easily with your smartphone or tablet PC.


Access/ Opening hours

KANAZAWA M’ZA 1st floor, opposite Omicho Market
[From JR Kanazawa Sta. to KANAZAWA M’ZA]

● 10 minutes on foot
● Take a bus and get off at the 2nd stop “Musashigatsuji”.
● 3 minutes by taxi

15-1 Musashi-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-8583
TEL: 076-260-1111

OPEN: 10:00AM – 7:30PM
Hokuriku Gochiso Plaza (Restaurants)
OPEN: 11:00AM – 9:00PM

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